Mobile Device Management

The Evolution of Mobile Device Management (and EMM)

The field of mobile device management has continued to evolve as more professionals are using laptops and Smartphone’s to work. This has increased the need for solutions that allow employees to access information wherever they are and at any time. Early solutions focused solely on devices, and lacked application and content management; today, they are now growing into broader EMM solutions to better capture and serve the mobile opportunity.

Current EMM suites consist of policy- and configuration-management tools that are coupled with a management overlay for applications and content that’s intended for mobile devices, which are Smartphone-OS specific. IT organizations and service providers use EMM suites to deliver IT support to mobile end users and to maintain security policies.

Modern EMM suites provide the following core functions:
Hardware inventory
Application inventory
OS configuration management
Mobile app deployment, updating and removal
Mobile app configuration and policy management
Remote view and control for troubleshooting
Execute remote actions, such as remote wipe
Mobile content management