Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Does the IT support company have account managers?
A.It’s really important that you have consistency from your IT service provider. At Next Level Technologies you will
Q.Do you specialize in one sector of IT?
A.While an IT support company may work across many sectors, it’s important to find out if the bulk of their work focuses on one sector.
Q.What’s your customer retention rate?
A.In the world of IT support, customer retention should be high. If an IT support company delivers what it promises to deliver, is easy to communicate with, and charges a fair price for this, a customer is unlikely to leave them for someone else
Q.Is your company proactive or reactive when it comes to fixing problems?
A.Updates are made on time; regular back-ups are taken; and we run 24 hour monitoring so that we can act immediately should the need arise. Often, problems are fixed before you even know you have a problem.
Q.What’s the worst IT disaster you’ve ever managed?
A.Anyone who has worked in IT for any amount of time will usually have dealt with a disaster of some scale. Knowing why it happened and the steps that were taken to resolve it will tell you more about a company than them listing all of their good points.