Systems run your business, people run your systems.  The Knowledge Wave Learning Site is a great training tool we use at NLT. 

Knowledge Wave Learning Site

The Knowledge Wave Learning Site (KLS) is an all-in-one, online training portal for your end-users. It is made for employers and managers who need a resource to train their teams on how to properly utilize Office 365 and all of the features that come with it. Users have access to on-demand training videos and live online training webinars. You also receive access to our Office 365 Adoption Experts who will coach you on best practices for getting your end users up-to-speed on the new technology. KLS comes with our built-in ROI calculator, which shows you exactly how much you’re on-going training is saving you.

To date, users on the Knowledge Wave Learning Site have:

Watched: Over 16,230 hrs/676 days worth of training videos.
Attended: Over 18,800 Webinars hosted by our O365 Experts.
Generated: Over $8,000,000 worth of ROI for their organizations.