Backup / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Backup Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning Overview

Backup and Disaster Recovery

In this age of virtualization, backup and disaster recovery (DR) plans have never been more critical to the business continuity of small-, medium-, and enterprise-sized businesses.
Backup safely provides a copy of your data in the event of theft, employee accidents such as deleting important files or emails, or technical issues like a crashed hard drive. Your data is safely stored off-site on a tape, disk, secondary computer, and/or cloud storage.

An effective disaster recovery plan is a combination of backup and replication, with the overall goal of ensuring your company maintains RTO (Recovery Time Objective) schedule. Specific plan options are virtually endless and depend on your specific business requirements. For example, you may decide to purchase a hot spare server for replication, but also backup to the cloud. Another option is to replicate to the cloud and local backups.

A disaster recovery plan puts you back in business after you experience an unforeseen catastrophe. The catastrophe may not be a major incident – it could mean lost data, user errors, system failures, or damaged/misplaced devices. When the catastrophe strikes, time is of the essence to protect company downtime.