How We Do It

It all starts with great service and fast support backed by deep expertise. You’ll get your own dedicated virtual CIO, unlimited support from our help desk and more all at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own.

As your IT partner, we’ll keep you abreast of the tech nology that can and will impact the growth of your organization. Keeping a forward-looking eye on technology helps us predict trends and plan what’s next for your organization.

Strategy Development

Structure a plan to utilize technology and achieve your goals.

Quarterly planning

Prioritize your IT spend so that the most impactful changes occur first.

Process Improvement

Save time and money with the right IT that boosts productivity and reduces complexity.

Your IT partner

We only succeed when you succeed.

Risk Management & Compliance

Get help managing the risks that are unique to your organization.

Your people run into issues that can’t be forseen, or dealt with on their own. Solve your staffs problems and get them focused back on their responsibilities with us as your US-based IT support staff.

100% US-Based

No off-shoring and no geek-speak, just clear and concise communication with people you know and trust.

24/7 availability

We’re here for you no matter when you need us.

We install remote support software which allows us to monitor your systems 24/7, and provide pro-active maintenance keeping them performing at their best so your staff can stay focused on the task at hand.

Take the lead in your industry by fully utilizing the tools at your dispoal through proactive management of your IT infrastructure. When maintenance, security and system health are being monitored and maintained, they’ll try to keep up with you.

Anti-virus & Anti-malware 

Monitored, managed, and centralized security software ensures your systems are protected.

Patch Management 

Keep your machines operating securely and with the performance updates they need.


Give your workstations and servers the constant attention they need to achieve peak performance.

Health Monitoring (Hard Disk, Performance, Crashes, Configurations, etc.)

Solve problems before they become bigger issues and keep your business agile and proactive.

Wipe away the worry and gain peace of mind knowing the backbone of all your operations is fully managed and working at peak performance. Consistent and proactive management of IT allows technology to serve as the foundation empowering your workforce to achieve success.


Achieve maximum performance using just the right mix of hardware.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connect branch offices and remote workers together

Wireless / Secure Guest Access

Enable seamless connectivity to staff and guests while making security priority #1.

Intrusion Prevention System

Know when and how someone is trying to breach your organization and put a stop to it.

Web Content Filtering 

Keep your staff focused on their responsibilities and remove distractions.


Find out what’s really going on with your network and systems.

IT Equipment Management 

Keep track of the IT assets you have throughout your organization

Policy Management

Ensure your systems are secure and operating as intended through centralized enforcement of computer policies

Account Management 

Prevent unauthorized access and safeguards your system.

The business landscape is driven by mobile devices and riddled with unique risks and challenges. Give your workforce the extra edge to keep them working on the go while assuring security is built-in.

Email, VPN & Wi-Fi profiles & access controls 

Stay connected the secure way.

Passcode & encryption enforcement

Keep your organizations data secure even when on the go.

Device restriction settings 

Give your employees only the apps they need to get the job done.

Remote locate, lock & wipe (full & selective)

Stay in control of your companies mobile devices no matter where they are.

“Jailbreak” & “root” detection 

Prevent uploads of unauthorized software on your mobile devices and keep all system information secure.

Policy updates & changes

 Keep your people going uninterrupted with streamlined updates.

Theft Recovery

Get the peace of mind knowing your devices can be tracked and found anytime they come online.

And all your critical systems are backed up and, more importantly, tested so that if a system goes down, we can get you back up and running fully operational in no time. We utilize the latest and greatest cloud technologies to help enable your business to stay connected and productive.

Don’t lose a single byte of your critical information. No matter the cause: a virus, rogue employee, or something unforseen, your systems are safe and secure when they’re backed up on-site and off. Protect what you’re building with a proper backup strategy.

On-site Backup 

Get your organization up and running in no time with a robust on-site backup that can be restored in a moments notice.

Off-site Cloud Backup 

Safe and secure – off-site backup is a necessity for your organization.


Guarantee your backups will work when the time comes.

Create better value and increase security for your organization with the cloud.  It will lower your costs, highten quality and availabilitly, and decreases your IT footprint. Let’s discuss how to maximize your organizations productivity while minimizing complexity.

Hosted Email & Anti-spam

Make the switch to a robust email platform like Office 365 or Google Apps

Hosted Website

Move to cost-effective and robust web hosting that can handle your traffic with ease.

When it’s time to make a change to your IT, we’ll work closely with you to identify the right solution, for the right price.  We’ll be there from beginning to end, from procuring the solution, implementing, and then training your staff on how to use it.  It’s a done-for-you proposition from beginning to end.

Forget channel partners and your need for a third-party resource, we are well-connected and have strong relationships with the companies who have the latest and greatest products and services you need.

New Equipment Selection

Stay assured knowing that the equipment you purchase is going to be geared specifically towards your organizations needs.

Integrated with Your Organization

No need to find a channel partner to order products. With us, you have access to all of it already (and at discounted prices).

Already in Place

You’ll be ready when the time comes to order equipment or software, saving time and keeping your organization agile.

Extend your organization as a cohesive, agile, unified entity and not as a hodge-podge of different technologies sown together. Whether it’s rolling out new workstations or bringing up a new branch office, you’ll know that the technology considerations are being handled correctly and follow the direction the business is headed.

Systems run your business, people run your systems. We work closely with key contacts in your organization to facilitate training that ensures your workforce knows how to fully take advantage of the tools you are providing them.

And to tie it all together, we dot our I‘s and cross our T‘s by ensuring everything is documented, keeping information at your fingertips and allowing your organization to make agile decisions. And when you have issues with other vendors (phone, managed copiers, internet, etc.) we speak the language and can work with them to resolve your issues fast.

Understand what’s going on in your organization and be kept up to date. With a tailored range of hard-data reports, you’ll have knowledge of the gaps that need closed and the steps being taken to address your needs.

Network Assessment

Identify and resolve the gaps in your organizations IT before they get bigger.

Vulnerability Assessment

Know where potential entry-points into your organization lie and take steps to secure them.

Security Assessment

Find out where security settings are lax and take action to close the holes.

Network Diagram

Use a visual representation of your IT assets to help you better understand the foundation of your organization and how it works together.

It takes time and effort to manage the plethora of IT vendors you deal with which detracts from your organizations goals.  Avoid the hassle and distraction in your work day; we’ll handle them all for you so you can focus on what needs to be done.

One Point of contact

We serve as your one point of contact for IT vendors and handle it all.

Selecting Vendors

We assure all viable contracts are renewed and do the research into potential better options.

Negotiating Rates, etc.

We’ll negotiate the best price for the best service on your behalf.